Due the COVID-19 pandemic all our events and productions are either cancelled or on hold.

Addressing Racism

Paper Plane Entertainment, as part of Clockworks Group Corporation, remains committed to equality and justice.

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Fighting Covid-19

Paper Plane Entertainment protects its employees and audience.

PPE has either suspended production or established a series of remote work and social distancing rules in order to protect its employees and collaborators from the pandemic. All our employees are now working from the safety of their homes and all our productions have been suspended until further notice. 

The following productions have been suspended: Comedy Night in New York, Columbia Heights, My Father the Investor, Alpha Centauri, and Who is the Chef.

The following productions have enabled social distancing and remote work policies: The World in 20 minutes, Real Stories, and The Sofa Show @ Home.

Production is not yet expected to resume until CDC deems it safe.

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