Intern with us

Join a leading team to learn about your passions

why with us?

A multicultural team; a wide array of projects, yes we work by projects; and 3 divisions to match your experience and skills as well help you grow as a future leading professional.

From blockbuster films to the next rock concert in New York and the new audience favourite TV show, you can apply to a wide array to internship options.

what will you do?

You will not make copies or bring coffee to anyone, we guarantee you a full or part-time and professional position which means you will have certain responsibilities within one of our projects that will involve active daily work.

what sets us apart

Our 3 US main divisions: Film, Television and Music offer you countless opportunities, from marketing to camera operator to stagehands or makeup artist, you name it. Our calls are open and allow you to tell us about your dream position, then we simply assign you to the project that best fits your objective. Because this is about you, not us. Your success is the main objective of the internship.

1-2-1 interns program

When joining Clockworks or any of its brand as an intern you join our 1-2-1 program. Throughout your internship, you will be assigned a mentor. He or She will make sure that you enjoy the internship as much as possible and will safeguard your interests at all time. The mentor will always be there for you and will be your primary point of contact.

what we offer

From 12 weeks to 12 months, our internships are flexible. You can intern from simply 10 hours a week to a full-time schedule of up to 40 weekly hours. With this in mind we offer you:

  • Industry experience with amazing colleagues

  • The possibility to join a growing company

  • Interning in Real Film and TV productions

  • Two bases: NYC or LA

  • College Credit hours

  • Learning opportunities

  • Compensation for your work (depending on the type of internship Paid/Unpaid)

  • Industry recognised credits

  • Studio and On-Location Experience

Our Promise

Starting a new internship is an important decision, we know. So here is our promise:

An internship is meant to help the student learn about their vocation and help them achieve professional readiness by the end of it, we want this for you so we promise to share with you our work and welcome you with our arms open!

Internship positions are offered regardless of gender, sexual orientation, economic wellbeing, ancestry, religion or political affiliation. They are offered based only on academic merits.

Finally, we'd like to let you know that we are usually open to offer a contract or permanent position at the end of the internship. While we cannot assure you this at the beginning of your stage with us, make sure to let your mentor know if you'd like to join the company at the end of your internship or studies.


ready to intern?

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