We are opening our auditions period. We invite all actors and actresses to audition for Alpha Centauri. Find more information about the film below:

The Film:

Alpha Centauri tells the story of a small insurrection in a fictional universe. Our main characters will have to face countless challenges and will have to use all their abilities to beat the sinister organisation that runs the universe.

The Roles:

We want to keep them secret, show us your talent with a simple read of an existing character or a new character. Follow the instructions below to audition. Keep in mind the following: We look for actors and actresses aged 20-30 of any ethnicity or origin. Keep in mind that shoot will be in California in the US. Now, to finish: show us what you've got and we wish you all the best luck!

Send us your audition tape


  1. Only send your tape one time.

  2. If you apply through an online casting service like Backstage don't adition again here.

  3. If you have an agent, audition through here anyway.

  4. Use a Youtube or Vimeo private link to store your audition.

  5. Please don't use the contact form in our Paper Plane Entertainment.com website. Any audition requests received there will be disregarded.

  6. Fill in ALL the information

  7. Be truthful, we don't care if you don't have experience, talent can be found anywhere.

  8. If you are available from May 2020 to August 2020 indicate it on the availability date picker.

  9. Seems obvious but, please, provide a valid phone number.

  10. Remember: this is the first stage of the audition process, however we expect to finish it by march. If you are selected you'll be required to travel to New York City to audition for the director and producers.

  11. Show us your best, comedy, drama or entertainment.

  12. We don't need you to dress in character.

  13. Be creative, don't do anything from Star Wars or Star Trek please!

  14. You must be +20 to audition, If you are underage, send an email with your parents authorisation to productionppe@gmail.com Don't use this address to send your audition as we don't monitoor this address.

  15. Have fun and enjoy the audition. Finally: Best of Luck!