Addressing Racism

During the last days, so much pain, deep in the US society's soul has made its way out through pacific protests in order to express the discomfort towards what's perceived as constant aggression against the Afro-American community in the country after the senseless killing of George Floyd.

The pain is these days more present than ever, but daily shows of discrimination are prevalent. While laws have changed during the last years, it is evident that it is not doing so at the same pace as society realizes that discrimination is a structural social issue in the USA. We must be aware of the pain and trauma that communities of color or different descent continue to endure.

At Clockworks our mission is to create and share art and entertainment with worldwide audiences, but also to empower communities in those cities we are fortunate to operate. We are fortunate to have a very diverse workforce and as we always say: Our Workforce is our most valued asset. We strive to build a film and television company that emanates inclusion and delivers opportunities to professionals and artists from all backgrounds and sorts of lives.

However, we have to do more. We are committing to share and empower the message of equality that all organizations and individuals across the country are manifesting through peaceful protests. We are currently working on empowering underrepresented communities in the film and television industries through the implementation of new partnerships and collaborations with non-profit organizations to share these communities' art, work, and message.

Finally, all of us at Clockworks deeply commit to the freedom of speech and protest, not only in the USA but around the world. 


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